Volume 5
Volume 5
Volume 5
Written by Stan Lee and Hiroyuki takei
Directed by Stan Lee
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Japan Release Date: November 7, 2010
American Release Date: June 7, 2011
Cover Character: Sophia


This volume includes the following chapters:


Returning from his time travels, Yamato lands back on the day before the Hundred Machine Funeral. Will his newfound knowledge about Iruma help him divert the inevitable, or will it only help him mess things up more? In a fierce continuation of the battle that started Yamato's first time around, both Maruyama and Yamato are injured. Sensing weakness, Vice takes things into his own hands...

Stan Lee's IntroductionEdit

As always, I've been extremely busy working on all the new projects for my company Pow! Enterainment, plus having fun doing cameos in movies and TV series.

But I always make sure to have enough to work on one of my favorite projects-Ultimo!

Not only is Ultimo a joy to work on, but working with Takei Sensei both a pleasure and a very rewarding experience.

We just finished appearing at the New York Comic Con, as you can see from the insert photo. The show was huge success and I'm happy tp report that there many. many enthusiastic people lined up to buy an autographed version of Ultimo.

As Ultimo continues to grow with each chapter, we're extremely proud to have such enthusiastic fans in Japan, North America, Europe, Australia and, as we keeping adding areas, we're about to circle the globe!

Remember, we're just getting started! There's sure to be more exciting news regarding Ultimo in the near future, so don't fail to stay tune!


Stan Lee