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Part 3, Act 37
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Underground Boar Bare-Handed is the thirty-seventh chapter of Karakuri Dôji Ultimo


Hibari Oume and Goge are out jogging, with Goge getting tired from his master's exercise regiment. They stop at a park to practice Karate, but Hibari becomes angry when Goge holds back, even though Karakuri Dôji are much stronger than humans and he could really hurt her. Goge comments on Hibari's wish to be strong, ever since her past life during post-war Japan. Hibari express her hatred for money, especially towards her father Kaizo Oume, and dedication to seek true strength. They then hear a loud sound close by and agree to check it out.

At Sparrow Place, Jun Chichibu shoots his crossbow at an injured K, who uses his cast to block the arrow. Before Jun could fire again, K attacks him and repeatedly hits his face. Just as K plans to call the police on Jun, Vice enters the apartment, causing K to accidentally shoot himself the foot.

Outside, Hibari and Goge are listening to the debacle unfold. Hibari suggests that they ignore the trio and keep this revelation from Yamato Agari. She says that their goal is to beat Roger Dunstan and they mustn't be too direct, but she also asks Goge if he thinks she being too callous. He answers that he will obey her as they start jogging away.

Inside, Jun gives Vice information about what Rune Kodaira and Jealous were up to, but Vice states that he is not interested in who he's facing. The evil dôji is about to kill Jun off, but K stops him since he wants to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. K also suggests that Jun might be of some value, but this only enrages Jun and lunges at K with a guitar.

Vice goes to attack Jun when Hibari and Goge burst through the wall. Knowing that saving Jun is the right thing to do, Hibari orders Goge not to lose as he lands a clean punch on Vice.

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