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Part 3, Act 31
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Theory Of Good and Evil is the thirty-first chapter of Karakuri Dôji Ultimo.


Arriving to save Musashi Murayama and Sophia, Yamato Agari and Ultimo battles Vice. When Vice charges to attack Yamato and Ultimo, Ultimo uses his Time-Space Noh to freeze Vice in place. Yamato asks if Ultimo really wants to settle things with Vice now, which the latter believes that they should to prevent more tragedy from happening by taking out Vice now. However, Ultimo tells Yamato the decision is his to make, but he should make up his mind quickly because stopping time uses a lot of energy. Feeling it wouldn't be right to just kill Vice right off and the fact they have Shin Ekoda's funeral to attend, Yamato says he has an idea and tell Ultimo not to kill Vice, then transforms into ICON mode.

Taking Vice into the mountains to prevent damage to Farmless City, the duo has a brief yet intense skirmish with Vice, who aggressively attacks God Ultimo and lands heavy hits on them. When Vice was about to stab them, God Ulimo freezes him in place again with his Noh. Ultimo warns Yamato that they have receive a lot of damage and suggests that they kill Vice now since he can't move, even if it seems cowardly. However, Yamato feels if they kill him now, then Vice won't able to repent and they won't been able get him on their side, as per the One Hundred Machine Funeral's rules. They leave Vice alone and frozen until Ultimo's Noh wears off by nightfall, allowing Vice to move again. Vice finds his bedridden master, K, stuck in a tree as reminder that Vice can't face Yamato and Ultimo on equal ground since K is still injured. Somewhat bemused, Vice concedes to Yamato's and Ultimo's tactic and will take K back home.

At Kiyose Matsumoto's house, Kiyose presents a fancy meal for Pardonner, who is perplexed by his master fluster behavior towards him. Embarrassed, Kiyose runs into another room and berates herself for acting so anxious even though she's regain all her memories of her past life with Pardonner and needs put herself together since she's in a serious situation now. Kiyose is also bothered by Rune Kodaira's phone from earlier, who ask her to heal a "friend" that has been injured by a Karakuri Dôji. Since Rune cannot bring him to a hospital, Rune ask her to get Pardonner to heal him.

When Kiyose hears the doorbell rings, Rune comes in and carries a half-dead Jun Chichibu around his shoulders.

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