The 12th Century

The capital of 12th Century Japan - Kyoto.

The 12th Century is the century where the Roger Dunstan and Karakuri Dôji first appeared.

The 12th Century centrally focuses on the city of Kyoto, and it is in the nearby woods that Yamato and his bandit group encounter Ultimo and Vice.


Rasemimon GateEdit

It is commonly known in the 12th century or the Heian period as the castle where all of the nobles lived. Though it was a castle, Hyotokko has said during their attack that Raseimon has looked so disrepaired. This is also known as the gate that the capital is proud of.

Eko TempleEdit

A temple where the Heian monk Ekobo and Regla lived. Lady Gekko was brought there after Ultimo slaughtered her.