Karakuri Dôji Ultimo
Part 3, Act 33
Chapter 33 Cover
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Preceded by
Intersection of Hidden Motives
Followed by
Smooth Wake

That Daughter is the thirty-third of Karakuri Dôji Ultimo.


Makoto Sayama and Akira Hidaka fight, where Sayama revealed a stronger "Level 2" version of ICON and the ICON suit. Using theses abilities, she easily defeated Akira and told him her secret - she is Roger Dunstan daughter and is to observe the One Hundred Machine Funeral in her father's place.

Afterwards, she erased Akira's memories of her secret, but keep the information of the ICON suit intact to be spread around to both sides. Afterwards, Sayama tell Regla that they should get going to Shin Ekoda's funeral, commenting how Eco knew everything about Sayama being Dunstan's daughter yet still took care of her and hopes to give him a warm sendoff at the funeral.

Meanwhile, Jun Chichibu regains conscious and attacked Rune Kodaira for interfering with him and Vice. However, once Jun calm down, Rune told him his reason for keeping him alive - Rune wants Jun to be Vice's master. Kiyose Matsumoto and Pardonner overhears this and showed themselves to Jun, only to have the boy shoot at Pardonner's spirit sphere. Jun then aim an arrow at Kiyose, but was saved by Akitsu Otake and Slow.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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