Karakuri Dôji Ultimo
Part 3, Act 40
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Sushi Angst is the fortieth chapter of Karakuri Dôji Ultimo.


Having gain a new Karakuri Dôji form that could null Ultimo's Noh, Vice boasts about his new power to steal Noh. Yamato Agari suggest that Pardonner to heals Hibari Oume. While Hibari tells The Good Dôji Club to flees so Vice can't steal more Noh, Yamato refuses to let Hibari die.

On top a nearby building, a recuperating Rune Kodaira and Jealous converse their next move, chatting the current advantages and disadvantages and their enemies' abilities. Rune also quickly deduce that Makoto Sayama is hiding a something from her friends, even suggesting that she's using Regla's Noh to manipulate her own memories to cover her tracks. Affirming he has to be careful with using Vice and Sayama, Rune also voices his desire to protect Yamato, but chooses to watch how the situation play out.

Since Yamato seems to unable figure out how to counter Vice, Musashi Murayama plans to use Sophia's Noh, but Vice quickly attacks Musashi and slice off his right hand. Fortunately, Yamato correctly predicted Vice's sadistic behavior would prevent from him from strategically taking out Ultimo first, crediting Shin Ekoda's advice to observe others to get to know them. As Vice focus his attention on Yamato, Musashi was given a enough time to transform his right arm into a large gun and shoots Vice with a direct blast.

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