Karakuri Dôji Ultimo
Part 3, Act 36
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Super Medic Butterfly is the thirty-sixth chapter of Karakuri Dôji Ultimo.


A shocked Jun Chichibu tries to keep Kiyose Matsumoto and Pardonner at bay and stop them from healing the severely wounded Rune Kodaira and Akitsu Otake. Pardonner uses his abilities to implant images of his head to distorted him. He shows Jun memories of a horrific war zone, Kiyose explains that these are memories of her past life from 70 years ago.

She asks Jun if he has ever known real pain and death, which the unstable boy say that these images still makes him wishe to die even more. Kiyose explains that these memories are from World War II, where she served in as an assistant nurse to Koun Shakujii, Pardonner's former master. Roger Dunstan gave Pardonner to Kiyose's past self to explore the theme of good and evil in life and death. Kiyose admits that she fell into despair from the heavy loss of lives during the war, but Shakujii changed her mind and made her value living more. Jun claims that there is nothing wrong with dying, but Kiyose lectures him to think it over and states that he is truly scared of dying before letting him leave.

At Sparrow Place, K is recovering and waiting for Vice's return with food. When he he hears the door open, K only finds a crazy -looking Jun pointing a crossbow at him and announcing that he will be Vice's master.

Meanwhile, Makoto Sayama and Regla return home from Eco's funeral and are greeted by Roger Dunstan and Milieu in her living room, with Sayama addressing him a former as her father. Dunstan eagerly states that all the pieces are in place and he'll be watching everyone's fighting spirits grow. He then declares that he'll manipulate the next battle around the theme of money with a father-daughter feud - Hibari Oume and Goge vs Kaizo Oume and Avaro.

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