Senjo Academy

Senjo Academy

Senjo Academy (Senjou Gakuen) is the school that Rune Kodaira, Akitsu Otake, Kiyose Matsumoto, and Makoto Sayama have been attending. In the fifth grade Yamato Agari transfers to Senjo due to family circumstances. Later, in Chapter 13, Musashi Murayama starts attending in order to contact Yamato. Also, in Chapter 20 it was revealed that Akira Hidaka is a third-year.

In Ultimo Ulate, Sayama mentions to Yamato that if students attend Senjo in elementary school, they can go onto the high school building without having to take entrance exams.



The boy's uniform is composed of a dark blue blazer, that is worn over matching trousers and a white button-down shirt. The school's iconic crest is embellished onto the blazer's left side, formed by a unique insignia surrounded by a border, that are both gold in color. Other components of the uniform include a black tie, with printed golden diamond designs, and a plain belt.


The girl's uniform has a light pink blazer, a white button-down shirt, a maroon pleated skirt, and a white TV tie. The school's signature gold-and-black crest is imprinted on the left side of the blazer. The length of the skirt seems to vary from girl to girl.


Kiyose Matsumoto
Rune Kodaira
Yamato Agari
Akitsu Otake
Makoto Sayama
Hibari Oume
Akira Hidaka

Transfers/Temporary StudentsEdit

Musashi Murayama