Name Roger Dunstan
First Appearance Chapter 0
Species Human
Age N/A
Birthday December 28 (Capricorn)
Blood Type O
Dōji Milieu
Affiliation N/A
Team N/A

Roger Dunstan (ロジャー ダンスタン Roger Dansutan) is a mysterious, yet major character of the series as well as the instigator behind all the events that occur within the series, through his creation of both Vice, Ultimo and the other Karakuri Dôji.

These Karakuri Dôji serve as Dunstan's solution to the question of who would ultimately win in a battle between "good" and "evil". His personal dôji is Milieu, who shares his role as a neutral character. He's also the father of Makoto Sayama, whom he uses as an secret observer in One Hundred Machine Funeral.


His appearance was based on Stan Lee, the co-creator of the series. Tall and rather physically fit for his age, Dunstan has strong masculine features and is usually drawn with a smile on his face. He has long sliver hair usually tied into a ponytail and mustache. Dunstan doesn't physically age due to the technology of The 30th Century that was granted to him for his scientific knowledge, having lived nearly over ten centuries. While his actual age his a mystery, Rune Kodaira guessed Dunstan looks around 90-years-old by his outward appearance.

When he comes into The 12th Century, he wears sunglasses, and a white men's kimono that displays a large spider at the end. In The 21st Century, he wears a polo shirt, with a large "D" imprinted on the front pocket, and jeans.



Dunstan about to kill himself in the Chapter 0.

Dunstan is described as a man shrouded in mystery and having a joker-type character. He outwardly appears to be a laid-back and friendly, but under the surface there is a definite hint of insanity, since he created the Karakuri Dôji just to fulfill his own selfish desires, even if it could bring about the death of all those who exist. He also called his creations as "his last curse on this planet", which may suggest the frustrations he harbors towards the world. He appears to be fixated on the One Hundred Machine Funeral, going as far as to send dôji into another time period if things don't go as planned with their masters. He believes that sense is just words and that humans can only face their true nature when facing extreme conflict, hence his obsession to make sure One Hundred Machine Funeral is carry out.

Dunstan will appear to some of the dôji masters, whether they are good or evil, to offer some assistance in order to find the answer to his question of whether good or evil is stronger. He does not seem to mind that The Good Dôji Club or The Evil Dôji Branch plans to capture him and stop the Hundred Machine Funeral, confident that there is no way they can beat him. Even Musashi Murayama and the dôji, Jealous, thinks that he is invincible and all of the dôji together with their masters couldn't defeat him. Due to his power, it shown that even the generally arrogant The Evil Dôji Branch fears him and panic in his presence, with the exception of Vice.



Karakuri Soldiers

Dunstan's Karakuri Soliders

Dunstan has an extremely high level of intelligence, enough to allow him to create all the Karakuri Dôji, which have the potential to bring about the destruction of the entire world. In Act 13, it is revealed that he is a wanted criminal from the 30th century for successful dimensional experimentation involving the dôji.

Before turning into a wanted criminal, Dunstan achieved many scientific advancements. He invented purification systems, infinite-energy medicals capabilities, and Noh devices. He also created numerous robots to use as his personal guards for his tower. There are two types; the female type are call Megata and the male type Ogata. The Ogata model carries a naginata and the Megata model wields a double-bladed naginata.

Physical ProwessEdit

501 31 74354

Dunstan with all the Karakuri Crests.

While in old age, Dunstan has demonstrated strength above the average human, able to use one punch (dubbed "Dunstrike") on Yamato Agari that's hard enough to damage to his face and send him gliding outside a temple room.

Noh PowersEdit

As the creator of the Karakuri Dôji, there is not a single Noh he cannot use. This is evident by the fact that he has the ability to travel through time by simply disappearing at will, time and memory manipulation, heal wounds through corporeal control, and his far above human strength.

It was revealed that Dunstan has all the Karakuri Crest, symbols of the Pledge Ritual for the masters and their dôji, all over his upper body.


  • (About Ultimo and Vice) "What is the ultimate power? It is not a weapon or an ability...but the heart and mind that does not hesitate. People have two opposing forces mixed in their hearts. They hesitate...and hesitation weakens power. But you two different. Perfect good and perfect evil. You are polar opposites in heart and mind. Between the two of you, you possess all of the great Noh abilities. When the final war looms, you will each return. You are my last curse upon this world. I will watch what you bring to the human realm from beyond this life... "
  • (To Yamato Agari) "Sense, no matter how sophisticated, is all just words. Humans can only face their true nature when facing extreme conflict."


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