Name Miyu Murayama
First Appearance Chapter 9
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 25
Birthday N/A
Dôji N/A
Affiliation N/A
Team N/A

Miyu Murayama (村山 美優 Murayama Miyu) is Musashi Murayama's older sister from The 30th Century, and his commanding officer on the police force they belonged to, following in the footsteps of their deceased parents.

She presumably ceased to exist, along with the rest of the citizens of The 30th Century when Roger Dunstan went back in time with the Karakuri Dôji. At end of the series, Dunstan reveals his experiment with the dôji to save the future, Miyu's fate remains ambiguous, as whether she be still alive in the future or not.


Like her brother, Miyu has shown to be tall person, and wears rectangular glasses. She has blond, mid back-length hair with two uneven bangs.

Miyu was part of The North Island's police department, and as such she wears the same uniform as Musashi. Around her head, three angular devices floats around the back, which are special communicate devices that allows Miyu to contact her fellow police officers.


"No one commits crime to commit crimes. Of course, the world is full of incurable fools..but everyone wants to live freely in peace. And that kind of society is impossible. Gaps open between people, and that warps some of them. But a society without gaps wouldn't be human. Those who are warped turn to crime as a matter of course. And as a matter of course, we chastise those who break the law so we can preserve order. If we brandish a heartless law...then we are like them and it is mere violence."
―Miyu to Musashi[src]

She was a very kind and endearing person, she took care of Musashi after their parents were killed by yakuza. She had enough faith in her brother to send him out on his own during the dangerous mission to stop Roger Dunstan, and enjoys teasing him during work.

Unlike her brother, Miyu was far more realistic and understanding to how the world deals with law and society, and the complications that comes with certain ideals. While she agrees with Musashi's ideal about uploading order and dealing with criminals, she capable of pitying criminals as they are still humans like herself and believes law without mercy would only make policemen similar to the criminals they capture.

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