"No...maybe I'm just too weak..."
―Shina, after Vice slashes Hiroshi apart[src]
Name Machi Shina
First Appearance Chapter 6
Species Human
Age 28
Birthday August 3 (Leo)
Blood Type B
Dôji Slow
Affiliation Good
Team The Good Dôji Club

Machi Shina (椎名 マチ Shina Machi) is a 28-year-old fortune teller and was the former master Slow. She's the owner of Machi's House of Fortune, which is in the same building as the "Hyottoko Gang".

After a disastrous battle with Vice, she retired from being Slow's master and devotes herself to care for the paralyze Hiroshi Kumegawa. She still assist in small ways to help The Good Dôji Club in One Hundred Machine Funeral.


Machi is a young woman of average height with dark hair with bangs, with a single strand of hair slightly longer than the rest, and wears a long dark dress.

After her battle with Vice, she wears a short tank-top, jeans, flat shoes and a bead earring on her left ear with her hair tied up.


Machi usually appears with a calm look on her face, but when provoked she can be a powerful adversary. She is a no-nonsense type of person and is blunt in her speech, often answering others with a briskly one-liner, but will explain herself in length if the situation requires it.

At times, Machi's emotions are unpredictable; being able to take things to the extremes and showing little control over her emotions. She also quite pessimistic, as she doesn't understand how she can be a good dôji master and loses her resolve to activity fight after Vice effortlessly beat her.

Despite being a fortune teller, Machi does not believe in fortune telling and therefore shamelessly behaves like it is her customers' own fault for being tricked into her establishment.


Hiroshi KumegawaEdit

In all of their appearances, she has been seen with him. In Chapter 8, she playfully argues with him about calling him by his first name. While Yamato takes this as a sign that they do not like each other, it is shown that she does have feelings for him, and that they are possibly dating, as she calls him "my dear Hiroshi" in Chapter 20 after Vice rips God Goge's body in half.

After Hiroshi got paralyzes, Machi retires from being Slow's master in order to take of him and is the one pushing and operating his wheelchair for him.


As Machi was Slow's master for most the 21th century, they seems to gotten along well and follow her every orders without questions. After Hiroshi was gravely injured by Vice, Machi deems herself unworthy to be Slow's master and retires from the front lines of One Hundred Machine Funeral.


  • In Chapter 24, it was revealed that she smokes.

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