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Part 3, Act 32
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Intersection of Hidden Motives is the thirty-second chapter of Karakuri Dôji Ultimo.


At Rune Kodaira's request, Kiyose Matsumoto has Pardonner heal a greatly injured Jun Chichibu at her house. While Rune acts friendly, thanking Kiyose for healing Jun and states the Pardonner's Noh is amazing, but Kiyose behaves nervously towards her friend. When Rune believes he should go, Pardonner tells him that Jun is in no condition to be move until his cells stabilize. Kiyose invites Rune to stay and read can her manga while they wait for an hour, which Rune accepts.

When they are alone, Paronnder warns Kiyose that Rune might be up to something, but Kiyose tries to believes better in Rune's motives as he is her friend. However, Pardonner said that he could tell that Rune was lying about Jun being a "friend" and that Jun's injuries were made from Vice's gauntlets, as Koun Shakujii also died from Vice's gauntlets and could tell the slash marks are the same on Jun. Knowing Vice's violent demeanor wouldn't allow Jun just live after torturing him so much, Pardonner deduces that Rune wants Jun to a replacement master for Vice.

In the city, Akira Hidaka and Orgullo drive through the area, debating how society works and the which good Karakuri Dôji will provide a best asset to The Evil Dôji Branch. When Orgullo was caught speeding by the police, Akira orders Orgullo to deal with them, not wanting the bad publicity. Akira and Orgullo transforms into their ICON and killed the policemen, causing more people to notice the ruckus. Not wanting the knowledge of his actions to spread, Akira decides to destroy all witnesses to his chaos.

However, Makoto Sayama and Regla arrived to stop them and turn Akira's attention to them. As God Orgullo attacks, Sayama is confident that Akira cannot not beat them and transforms into God Regla.

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