Karakuri Dôji Ultimo
Part 3, Act 44
Chapter 44
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Future Vision 2989 - Part 2 is the forty-fourth chapter of Karakuri Dôji Ultimo.


Still in the future, Yamato Agari is shocked and confused how his enemies Vice, K and rest of The Evil Dôji Branch was fighting alongside him against Roger Dunstan's robot army. After encountering a 12-years-old Hana Koganei, who kindly thanked Yamato for helping her in postwar Japan, Vice realize that Yamato is not from this time period and decides to let Rune Kodaira explains to the "Hopeful Yamato" what's going on. Going off to fight, Vice and K transform in a new ICON form and showcase their power as Yamato watches in awe.

Assuring that Yamato didn't sway to the evil side, the future Rune explains to Yamato that they are currently lock in a final battle with Dunstan in the year 2989. However, this is their second attempt to fight Dunstan. According to the future Yamato (dubbed "Ending Yamato"), Vice went wild and ruin their first attempt. Rune tells Yamato that he would eventually join both the good and evil sides together in order defeat Dunstan, only after he realize that balance between good and evil is most important.

Now up to speed, Yamato questions if he should be here or not, as he doesn't what to disturb the future once he goes back to his friends in postwar Japan or the battle happening right now. Suddenly, the future "Ending Yamato" appears in larger version of the Crane Plane, praising his younger self for his perceptive thoughts. "Ending Yamato" explains that he is about to transform into God Ultimo Frontal Till Dawn, a evolved form Ultimo achieve to fight Vice. As the rest of The Good Dôji Club appears in the their Level 2 ICON states, the club combined into one ICON, with Ultimo being the core body.

Noticing that Makoto Sayama is missing, Yamato questions "Ending Yamato" on her whereabouts, who states that Sayama is the reason why he call Yamato out in the first place. As a figure fly towards them, "Ending Yamato" points out that Dunstan's last line of defense is coming - Makoto Sayama Dunstan.

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