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Part 3, Act 43
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Future Vision 2989 is the forty-third chapter of Karakuri Dôji Ultimo.


With Hana Koganei and Edile frozen and alone, Yamato Agari suggest to his allies that they should use this chance to convince them join their side, since it's the goal of the One Hundred Machine Funeral. Musashi Murayama says the whole point of their study trip is for The Good Dôji Club to grow stronger as group and they should complete that goal first, and that an evil Karakuri Dôji's powers might change upon becoming good. Makoto Sayama also adds that Hana's presence here might be a trap and they should regroup with the other Good Dôji Club members since it's likely all The Evil Dôji Branch are also here.

When Single-Shot Hibari points a gun at Hana and suggest that they should just kill her since she's evil, Yamato lash out at all of them for wanting to hurt a child, but receives no response. Ultimo notice that everybody else around them has been frozen in time, with the only person able to do that is Vice. However, it turns out to be another Yamato from the future, stating he is from a future that starts from the current Yamato's attempt to save Hana and is a future he should create.

The "Future Yamato" takes his other self to the year 2989, where the current Yamato is suddenly surrounded by a large army of robots. To his surprise, future versions of The Evil Dôji Branch are his allies and are protecting him within their ICON modes from the robots, which belong to Roger Dunstan. The future version of K address Yamato as a "friend" and urge him to go Dunstan's tower so they can defeat him together, with Vice also treating Yamato and Ultimo as an ally.

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