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Part 3, Act 45
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Fraudulent Daughter is the forty-fifth chapter of Karakuri Dôji Ultimo.


Still in the year 2989, Yamato Agari is shock to find out his crush, Makoto Sayama, is Roger Dunstan' daughter. As Sayama confirms that she was deceiving him, she tries to erase his memory, but Yamato and Ultimo are quickly transport back to 1940s Japan where his friends are, with time moving normally again and their memories intact.

Still holding Hana Koganei and Edile hostage, "Single-Shot" Hibari questions whether Yamato is still plans to convince the duo to join The Good Dôji Club. Depressed, Yamato says yes, but not right now before quietly walking away with Ultimo as his friends look on in confusion.

At night, Yamato and human form Ultimo hangs out in a busy street, with the former brooding over the fact his longtime crush is the enemy. Ultimo suggest go back to the others before they get worry, but Yamato protests, saying he doesn't how to face Sayama after what he has learn. Suddenly, Yoichi Oizumi and a human form Service arrives, who was looking from and invite Yamato to try out of a local bar. Inside, Yamato explains everything he learn to Yoichi, who tells him to keep this information a secret from their friends.

While Yamato frustratingly declares he doesn't what to do, Yoichi sympathize with his vexing problem and states what Yamato learns explains why there a "shadow" over Sayama. Have heard what happened with Hana and Edile, Yoichi clarify saying that he agrees with Yamato that "There is neither good nor evil", as good and evil are different for each person and people can change depending on the situation. Yoichi offers his own opinion - everyone is simply struggling to survive - and if Sayama's shadow is relate to her guilt to her parentage, then she is suffers the most.

With restore determination, Yamato rush out the bar with Ultimo to find Sayama, hoping to win her over so she'll be ally to them in the future. On a nearby rooftop, Fusataro Fussa and Rage looks on, who declares to punish Yamato for messing with Hana.

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