"Standing to the south of Tokyo, there isn't a soul that doesn't love this tower."
―Chapter 0[src]
Observation Deck

Farmless City's famous Observation Deck

Farmless City is this where the main storyline takes place and is the city characters lives.

Ultimo and Vice first here appeared in 1000 years, near the Observation Deck., and their clash turned into the result of what is now the main storyline. Farmless City includes places like the Observation Deck and the Antique Shop where Yamato Agari found Ultimo.


Kokubundo ShoppeEdit

An antique shop owned by Taiji Kokubun. After he found Ultimo on Mt. Fuji, he brought him here. This is where Yamato and Rune first encounter Ultimo in Chapter 1. When Yamato turns back time, Tomomitsu Iruma and Jealous try to buy Ultimo from Kokubun, before Yamato barges in. The shop is then blown up by Jealous' Ground Spider ICON.

Senjo AcademyEdit

The school where Yamato and his friends attend. In Chapter 7 to Chapter 10, Yamato fights Hana Koganei and her Dôji Edile, and later Rune and Jealous.

Eco SushiEdit

A sushi restaurant owned by Shin Ekoda. Musashi appears in front of the shop before the beggining of the series, presumably after he traveled back in time, and tells Eco about the One Hundred Machine Funeral.

Eco explains to Yamato his third option - to meet or fight all of the Dôji masters before the One Hundred Machine Funeral - here. Yamato visits the place once again in Chapter 19 to find his cell phone, as he forgot to take it with him the last time he came.

Tanasu StationEdit

A station where many students take the train to go to school. Rune tells Yamato to meet him there so that they can go to Sayama's party together. Yamato and Musashi later fight there, against Iruma.

Shakujii MedicalEdit

A closed-down clinic owned by Koun Shakujii and use as a hideout for The Good Dôji Club. Yamato, Ultimo, Musashi, and Sophia are taken there after their fight with Iruma and Jealous. In Chapter 19, Vice blows the hospital up.