Darumada Masami
Name Darumada Masami
First Appearance Chapter 0
Species Human
Age 44
Birthday N/A
Dôji N/A
Affiliation Good
Team The Good Dôji Club

Darumada Masami (達磨田 正美) is one of Farmless City's bravest policemen and a good friend of Yamato Agari

He was also a bandit called Daruma under Yamato's command in the 12th century and an equal to Hyoe Tokorozawa.

When he first appeared in the Chapter 0, his name was Dahlman (ダールマン, Dāruman). However, this was due to his first appearance being in prologue, which could be considered as just as the prototype of the present series.



Dahlman's (now Darumada Masami) first appearance

A short and obese man, Darumada has a bald head with a dark hair mustache and small, round eyes. In The 12th Century, he had a scar over his left eye and wore a light, peasant threadbare men's kimono that had an ornate flowers pattern and dark sash, and carried a sword. Three years later, he wears higher quality clothes, including a light kimono with armor around his arms, abdomen, and legs, and carries a crescent-shaped spear instead of a sword.

In The 21st Century, he wears the a standard police uniform with a light shirt under dark jacket, police hat and tie.


Daruma 12th Century Portrait


Compared to the quiet Hyeo, Darumada is much more vocal, jolly, and enjoys cracking jokes, but can be serious when he needs to be. Due to having the same morals that Yamato has, Darumada is considered as a potential master for the good Karakuri Dôji.

He was very respectful towards Yamato, whom he calls "chief" or "boss", and always follows his orders and stood by him, even in dangerous situations. His loyalties to Yamato earned him to be one of his generals in their army of bandits.

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