This is a list of characters from Karakuri Dôji Ultimo.

Karakuri DôjiEdit

Main Karakuri DôjiEdit

Name Title
Ultimo Good Dôji Leader

Evil Dôji Leader

The “Six Perfections”Edit

Name Perfection
Service Generosity
Regla Morality (Discipline)
Pardonner Patience
Slow Energy (Diligence)
Goge Meditation (Contemplation)
Sophia Wisdom

The “Seven Deadly Sins”Edit

Name Sin
Désir Lust
Edile Gluttony
Avaro Greed
Paresse Sloth
Rage Wrath
Jealous Envy
Orgullo Pride


Name Quality
Milieu The Middle Path


The Good Dôji ClubEdit

The Evil Dôji BranchEdit


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