Karakuri Dôji Ultimo
Part 3, Act 39
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Blight: Amity Training is the thirty-ninth chapter of Karakuri Dôji Ultimo.


Yamato Agari and Ultimo comes home after Shin Ekoda's wake, with Yamato trying to keep a normal front for Ultimo while internally worrying about the One Hundred Machine Funeral. After a shower, Yamato catches his mother, Fushimi Agari, dressing Ultimo in female clothes. After scaring Yamato off, Fushimi shares a moment with Ultimo, voicing her love her son and send him to give Yamato some clothes. As a naked Yamato tries to takes Ultimo's dress, Makoto Sayama, Akitsu Otake, and Kiyose Matsumoto walks in to them, much to everybody's embarrassment. They told Yamato to pack for a trip before existing the room.

Dressed and ready, Yamato and Ultimo grouped up with the rest of The Good Dôji Club outside. Yoichi Oizumi and Musashi Murayama explains the club is going to a "study trip" to more about each other and their Karakuri Dôji. They also tells Yamato that Hibari Oume is in trouble and must save her before time traveling to 1947 Shinbashi, a time where Hibari's past was taken place, and where good and evil diverge in modern Japan.

At Sparrow Place, a gravely injured Hibari angrily question her father Kaizo Oume's reason that Hibari should join the The Evil Dôji Branch. Kaizo cites her past as the post-war black market boss and gang leader "Singe-shot Hibari", who even committed murder, makes her evil and she should join them. When Hibari rejects his offer, Kaizo orders Avaro to kill her, but was save by Ultimo's Noh to stop Avaro's time and freeze him in midair.

K panics seeing the entire The Good Dôji Club are here, but Vice remains unfazed. Ultimo notes his new for, commenting that he is now a "second". Ultimo tries to use his Noh to "stop" Vice's time and freeze in place. However, Vice was not affected and states that now has the power to steal the Noh powers of the other Karakuri Dôji as he lands a hit on Ultimo.

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