Name Akira Hidaka
First Appearance Chapter 12
Age 18
Species Human
Birthday July 23 (Cancer)
Blood Type A
Dôji Orgullo
Affiliation Evil
Team The Evil Dôji Branch

Akira Hidaka (日高 了 Hidaka Akira) is a very famous 18-year-old pro golfer in his third year at Senjo Academy, president of the golf club, youngest winner of the Misters Golf Tournament, and master of the evil dôji Orgullo. His role in the One Hundred Machine Funeral and association with Vice allow him to travels through space-time, and Akira was able age to a 21-year-old within series, though only for a brief time.[1]


A tall man with dark, shaggy hair, Akira dressed sportswear designed for him by Makoto Sayama. This consists of the stereotypical golf gear - a collared polo shirt, dress pants, golf shoes, and a visor, each article of clothing is imprinted with the Sayama Sports logo. In his first appearance, he also wears a golf glove.


A very calculating and arrogance individual, Akira is a prideful and clever schemer. Preferring to using logic and reason to get power, Akira hates brute force and comment how he doesn't like ICON form since he goes out of control, along with getting attached to the painful cords and getting naked. In public, Akira behaves in friendly and easy-going way, but quickly drops this facade if the situation suits him.

Orgullo and Jealous both agree that he has dangerous pride and is the type of guy to break down when something unexpected happen, such as Roger Dunstan and Milieu suddenly appeared in front of him.



Akira appears to get along with his dôji, with Orgullo taking pride in being his partner. However, Akira doesn't depend on Orgullo's help with his plans and even tells him to stay out of his way. Akira is sometimes irritated by Orgullo's naivete on society and brutish nature, which cause him trouble in public often.

At the end of the series, after Dunstan turns Orgullo into a human, Akira and Orgullo continues to stay and live together.

Makoto SayamaEdit

While it appears that Akira is very friendly with her, as spokesperson for her father's company, she designs his sports wear, and are in the golf club together. He is the only person so far that is seen addressing her by her first name, "Makoto".

In truth, he is really just using her both to get rid of Yamato Agari and as a stepping stone in order to take over her father's company, "Sayama Sports". Upon finding out that Sayama is part of The Good Dôji Club, Akira doesn't hesitated fighting her. However, his arrogance prevents him from noticing Sayama's hold on him.


God ReadingEdit

Akira possesses a high level of observation and analysis that allows him to read a situation with 100% accuracy, dubbed God Reading. With this ability, along with absolute confidence, he creates perfect planning. This not only applies to golf, but other aspects as well, even people's future actions and feelings as Akira has a good understanding of human society and how it works.


  1. Karakuridoji Ultimo manga; Chapter 51

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