Karakuri Dôji Ultimo
Part 3, Act 38
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Absorption-Evolution Battle is the thirty-eighth chapter of Karakuri Dôji Ultimo.


As Vice is jammed into the wall by Goge's powerful punch, Hibari Oume express her wish to destroy Vice in order to end the One Hundred Machine Funeral quickly. Knowing they are no match for Vice, Goge suggests that they grab Jun Chichibu and retreat. However, Vice has no intention of letting them go and lunges at Goge, who counters Vice's attacks with his Karate techniques.

With devastating blows, Goge sends Vice crashing outside and onto the ground, temporarily immobilizing him from the damage. Hibari orders Goge to finish Vice off, but he disagrees, saying they shouldn't sink to the evil Karakuri Dôji's level. Hibari resolves to kill Vice herself, reasoning that it's better to destroy the root of conflict to prevent it from causing more trouble. Letting her hatred of evil take over, Hibari goes to stab Vice's spirit sphere, but is suddenly stabbed herself by Vice.

By feeding off Hibari's malice, Vice apparently recovers from his injuries and gains a new dôji form, which he calls Vice Back From The Dark. Vice then slices Goge apart as a bleeding Hibari blames herself for letting Vice grow stronger.

Suddenly, Kaizo Oume suddenly arrives to the scene, and states that Hibari was originally on their side.

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